years of life - 1909-1997
Maria Prymachenko
Is a famous Ukrainian artist who worked in the style of “naive art”
During her lifetime, the artist created more than 3,000 works, which were admired at various Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall were impressed by her art.

Maria Prymachenko was awarded with many prizes and titles, one of which is the Golden Medal, which she won at the international exhibition in Paris, 1937.
The Prymachenko Family Foundation, established in 2017, provides the promotion, protection and defense of Maria Prymachenko’s art.

The year 2009 was declared the Year of Maria Prymachenko by the UNESCO.

The Foundation also supports and promotes the art of Maria’s son, Fedir Prymachenko, and her main student, grandson Ivan Prymachenko.

Prymachenko Family Foundation initiates projects, which promote the art of the whole Prymachenko’s family. Therefore Maria's paintings and those of her son Fedir and her grandson Ivan will be reproduced on many products.